Developers from the north

Super God game studio is located in the northern Finland, the city of Oulu. The small city, its warm summers, and snowy winters offer the perfect setting for coming up with fantastical landscapes and mystical narratives.

Challenges here lie in creating contacts with the rest of the world, although in today's world with the help of Internet, even the remotest places are brought closer to the biggest audiences.

The infrastructure for maximizing the growth potential of a software company in Finland is incredible. Everything up here is constructed to assure that a company like Super God can be successful. The rest is up to the developers.

studio-photo 1
studio-photo 1

Appreciation for the fundamentals

Our passion lies in the details of the game development work. We believe that handcrafting parts of the game makes it reflect its creators more.

At their core, games are entertainment. If a game doesn't hold the player's attention, the core has failed. Games can deliver amazing stories, immersive worlds, and make people reflect upon the deepest concepts of the human condition. However, they cannot do this if no one is willing to play them. The gameplay must be engaging.

Good gameplay is the result of iteration. The final product has gone through several passes of testing and adjustments. This process requires time, but if the end result is something magical, it has been worthwhile.

Ambition to excel

We don't just want to make games, we want to make games that will define genres. The history of video games has been an iterative journey. We owe many of the concepts we now use in game design to the great titles of the past. We hope to make products that will in turn inspire future developers.

PC gaming has always been close to our hearts. The quality this platform has offered throughout the years has always been remarkably high. Also, the amount of control available, not only to the player but also to modders, is something we respect greatly. This is why we at Super God develop our games first and foremost to PC.

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