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Riptale Cover Art


Ancient monsters have risen

Buried inside the earth for thousands of years mighty dragons have been clawing their way out. Now, these reptilian beasts are terrorizing villagers on the surface. It is time to delve into the depth of the cavern and unearth the source of these vile creatures.

Pillar and stone tiles
Kumo jumping over spikes
Wood and stone tiles

Unlock abilities with mysterious gems

The dragons are too powerful for normal people to oppose. With the help of wonderous gems, an old warrior Kumo is able to push back the serpents. To be able to vanquish the overwhelming threat, Kumo must gather all the gems. With the unleashed power he can face whatever mysteries wait uncovering in the abyss.

Zombie reptile guarding a chest
Fire dragon over a pillar
Dragon head spitting fire

Sharpen your old family blade

Only the most skilled champion can withstand the terrors of the deep underground. The old civilizations buried into the earth shelter many dangers that were not meant to be disturbed by ordinary folk. Unless you are an adept sword-wielder, you have no business venturing further.

Dragon cultist preparing an attack
Dragon priest guarding an area
Solid stone tiles

Game information

  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Genre: Action
  • Release Date: Q1 2017