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Reign of Chaos

Riptale started in a very odd way since it was a Ludum Dare game. We didn’t have any documentation for it at any point. Mostly we just did what felt right which can make sense in a small project. But as projects get bigger, so does the need for a real design document. Last week we finally got …

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How To Deal With Change

The last week has been chaotic. We decided to go with the concept of Riptale and start building an actual game out of it. There were, however, some changes. The resolution had to change. The pacing of the game was really spot on, but the 384 pixel width of the screen turned out to be …

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Weekend Warriors at the Office

Ludum Dare happened during the weekend and we were up for the challenge with our associate, Mats Kyyrö. The whole period was pleasingly chaotic overabundance and lack of ideas, sucking us all in the whirlpool of frantic game development. The result was a piece of work called Riptale. We wanted to have a lot of blade action …

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Sneak Peek at the Progress

Here at Super God, we don’t just appreciate our artists. We love them. We’re trying to figure ways to most efficiently spend our money and happened to find a nice, cheaper alternative to those 22-inch Wacom Cintiq tablets. This here is Ugee 2150. Even though it has a few minor gripes to it (e.g. the …

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