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Release Creeping Closer | Super God - Dev Blog
Release Creeping Closer

These blog posts are turning into checklists, but that’s how the last few weeks have felt like; one checklist after another.

What has happened? Well, we moved again. And the state of AC in the new office suggests that we’re not going to be staying for long. It is quite strange how we haven’t been able to find a single office in Oulu that was designed with software development in mind. Yet.

Other than that, we held a Riptale test evening yesterday. It was a success. We discovered bugs that we had never seen before. No matter how solid you think your game is, just keep on testing. You’ll be surprised. It just takes someone who does things a little bit differently from you to bring the system down.

So, Riptale is launching next week. We still have no trailer. Luckily, we were able to record four hours of solid gameplay in yesterday’s event. Now all we need is a smidge of editing magic. How hard can it be?

The feedback about the game has been mostly positive, although you can’t really take anything people say at a face value. What matters is if the game excites new people enough that they’ll pay money to get a chance to play it. We think it’s got what it takes. Now we just gotta wait and see if our gut feeling is right.

If you are a streamer, YouTuber, or a game journalist, and you want a review copy of Riptale, throw us a request at our Keymailer.co page.

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