Dying In Style

This week, the programmer who engineered the dying effects in Riptale talks about the process.

Instead of just destroying the player character like alpha version did, we decided to make an actual death animation for our brave-yet-foolish hero.

When the hero’s health reaches zero, he will enter a dying state. With all character input blocked and facing fixed, the hero is sent flying backwards. Colors will flash between red and white for a couple of times for of a dramatic(ish) effect, which is done by using various blending possiblities in GameMaker: Studio. All movement and animation will slow down for a moment as we see the hero’s lifeless corpse fly and hit the ground.

It won’t end there though, as we wanted to spice this death up a bit. The hero disappears into the ground and a headstone will emerge from below in a slamming fashion. The headstone has a different symbol, an epitaph if you will, based on specified criteria. Game Over will be triggered using a timer that’ll start right after the headstone has run through its animation.

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