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What About The Next Game Project? | Super God - Dev Blog
What About The Next Game Project?

Riptale isn’t out yet, but we’re already looking forward. Since there isn’t that much art or design work left at this point, we can start to outline a new project. Concept art and discussions can go a long way when trying to make an idea feel more concrete. If you can start this process early, it’s a very good idea to do so. You want to have a solid understanding of the next game when the programmers start to leap from the previous repository to the new one.


The schedule of Riptale is still very much open. We’re exploring new ways to keep the project going for a little longer. We want to add some more functionality to the game, but whether or not that’s possible is unknown. Whatever the case, the old level files need some finishing touches, and the amount of files is quite daunting.


If you are looking for a place to talk about the project and maybe even pitch in with your own suggestions, take a look at our Steam Community Group. It’s still pretty quiet there, but the conversation needs to start somewhere. Another channel is our subreddit /r/SuperGodHQ. We’re keeping an eye on both of these places.

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