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Break On Through (To the Other Side) | Super God - Dev Blog
Break On Through (To the Other Side)

It has been an interesting week for Super God. Suddenly, we decided to switch our office to the Oulu center. It has definitely shaken us awake a little bit. Now we work on the same floor with many other game companies. It’s a bit of a culture shock. The incubator at Kielo was clean and modern space while our new location is a building that’s probably going to be torn down in the coming years. But it is closer to the action.


In other news, Riptale got Greenlit on Steam! And along with 38 other games, no less. It looks like Valve speeding up the process as they’re getting closer to shutting down Greenlight. We were thinking about releasing our data related to the process, but it appears no one would be able to utilize it in the future.


Getting greenlit, of course, is a happy occasion for us, but it is very much a new process for everyone around our office. There’s a great amount of documentation and digital paperwork we need to start getting through. Who knows what it will be like with our next game.

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