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Eyes on the Future | Super God - Dev Blog
Eyes on the Future

The Steam Greenlight campaign goes steadily on. No big surprises, nothing amazingly good, nothing dreadfully bad. Just pushing forward. Steadily. We’re currently in rank #22 (out of 2,380 games).

riptale on greenlight

What this experience has taught us is that getting attention without a publisher is really difficult. We have been trying to drive traffic towards our Greenlight page, but the vast majority of people we have contacted just haven’t responded anything. In contrast to that, we have been getting a lot of emails offering us various marketing deals that sound inefficient at best.


The biggest bottle neck by far in the project is the lack of programmers. We are currently adding all the necessary features (menus etc.) and fixing problems with the basic gameplay mechanics. When that is done, the focus must move into adding content into the game. The art is already there. It just needs to be utilized.

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