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Archives for February 2017 | Super God - Dev Blog
Dying In Style

This week, the programmer who engineered the dying effects in Riptale talks about the process. Instead of just destroying the player character like alpha version did, we decided to make an actual death animation for our brave-yet-foolish hero. When the hero’s health reaches zero, he will enter a dying state. With all character input blocked …

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What About The Next Game Project?

Riptale isn’t out yet, but we’re already looking forward. Since there isn’t that much art or design work left at this point, we can start to outline a new project. Concept art and discussions can go a long way when trying to make an idea feel more concrete. If you can start this process early, …

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Break On Through (To the Other Side)

It has been an interesting week for Super God. Suddenly, we decided to switch our office to the Oulu center. It has definitely shaken us awake a little bit. Now we work on the same floor with many other game companies. It’s a bit of a culture shock. The incubator at Kielo was clean and …

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Eyes on the Future

The Steam Greenlight campaign goes steadily on. No big surprises, nothing amazingly good, nothing dreadfully bad. Just pushing forward. Steadily. We’re currently in rank #22 (out of 2,380 games). What this experience has taught us is that getting attention without a publisher is really difficult. We have been trying to drive traffic towards our Greenlight …

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