Greenlight Experience So Far

Riptale is finally on Steam Greenlight. Is it even possible to write that sentence without the word “finally”?

So far the reception and amount of traffic has been really good. We’ve had almost 1,700 unique visitors in around 30 hours. However, the game is still on the front page of Greenlight. What happens after it drops off?

greenlight youtube thumbnail
(Click the image to go to the Riptale Greenlight page.)

We expect the traffic to slow down radically when the game is not on the front page anymore. What hopefully will help is our email campaign. We’ve been sending messages to journalists, youtubers, and streamers around the globe with a press preview demo version of Riptale. The important part is to just try to get people on the Greenlight page.

In addition, we can start campaigning inside Steam. There are a lot of communities, groups, and individual users we could contact and try to get to help out the game. We are not worried about the outcome. We’d just prefer the game to be on Steam sooner rather than later.

Nothing more to say at this point, except Go Vote!

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