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Do You Even Need Coverage? | Super God - Dev Blog
Do You Even Need Coverage?

Is this blog post late? Apologies. The week has been somewhat hectic.

The press version of Riptale is starting to take form and we are trying to locate the people who might have an interest in covering it. There are so many outlets in form of streamers and YouTubers that finding the people who enjoy similar type of games is a bit of an adventure. Also, one must consider the size of the outlet. A YouTuber with a hundred thousand subscribers might not even reply to our queries while ones with a few hundred subscribers don’t really have the reach that makes it worth our while contacting them.

What about the press version, then? Things keep changing and so the release gets pushed back. That’s just the nature of the business. Currently, there are deficiencies in our programming department which makes implementing features painfully slow. But it’s getting there. Adding a useful tutorial was somewhat of an eye-opener. It really makes you think about how your game works because you’re expecting the player to go through the tutorial in a very specific manner. Everything must be foolproof and deliberate or otherwise the players might not understand how the game is supposed to work, or even worse, not be able to finish the tutorial.

Whatever the case, we need to get the game in Steam Greenlight. And through! That’s where you all come in.

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