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Archives for January 2017 | Super God - Dev Blog
Greenlight Experience So Far

Riptale is finally on Steam Greenlight. Is it even possible to write that sentence without the word “finally”? So far the reception and amount of traffic has been really good. We’ve had almost 1,700 unique visitors in around 30 hours. However, the game is still on the front page of Greenlight. What happens after it …

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How Important Is Testing?

So, the Steam Greenlight didn’t happen, yet. What’s up with that? To be quite honest, it wasn’t anything big. It was just a laundry list of little things. The game wasn’t ready to be handed to a bunch of journalists and streamers. Who knows if it’ll be when we actually do hand it out. What …

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Giving GameMaker Studio 2 a Spin

The design department recently started to investigate possibilities for a new game concept and dipped their toe into GameMaker Studio 2. It is a huge improvement over GameMaker Studio 1.4 but obviously still in beta and therefore has a plethora of minor annoyances that perhaps are fixed before an official release. The biggest thing that …

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Do You Even Need Coverage?

Is this blog post late? Apologies. The week has been somewhat hectic. The press version of Riptale is starting to take form and we are trying to locate the people who might have an interest in covering it. There are so many outlets in form of streamers and YouTubers that finding the people who enjoy …

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Christmas Holiday Post Mortem

Christmas came and Christmas went. Not surprisingly, not a lot of work got done. On the other hand, all of us had a lot of fun.      On a more serious note, we’re trying to get our Steam Greenlight campaign going during January. We also need to switch offices. Exciting times!

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