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Enemies & Minigames | Super God - Dev Blog
Enemies & Minigames

Graphics for Riptale are almost complete. The only things we’re adding at this point are minigames and enemies. The problem is that the programmers have way too much on their plate. The artists can quite easily keep adding sprites in the game, but implementing them in a way that’s usable in the end product is another story.


Adding enemies to the game is an iterative process, anyway. The artists draw out a plethora of sprites. The game is then tested excessively. If there are weaknesses in the design, certain enemy additions can help to correct them. On the other hand, many of the enemies end up not being used at all.


One thing that still needs to be added is graphics regarding the story of the game. It will be slides, plain and simple. The still take surprisingly long to produce. Maybe we’ll end up cutting the story a bit. Win-win?

(NOTE: Next post will be up January 3rd. Have a Merry Christmas.)

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