Visuals to the Max

The idea with Kumo was always that he’d be wearing a long scarf that’s wrapped around his head and flows in the air current as he flies through the caverns. You know, like Rambo doing ribbon gymnastics. However, the problem with a visual element that’s this elaborate is that it’s not very high up on the priority list.

(Click the image to see the animation.)

But how useless is a visual element like a flowing scarf to the end product? Think about it for a second. Visuals can sell games. It’s just that pretty much everything in the 2D end of things has been done already. Coming up with new ideas is tough. And sure, there are plenty of 2D cloth simulators out there, some that probably even look better than what we currently have in our game. The scarf is still a very striking visual element in every animation and screenshot. It might make people remember what the game is. That is not a small feat.

So, the scarf is now in the game. It took a lot of time to implement, but the character has finally got his destined identity. (That was a weird prophecy, anyway.)


Other than that, the team has redone the character attack animations, effects, and a good deal of blood spatters. We are trying to make the game look as presentable as possible for the Steam Greenlight campaign which means that adding new things is on the┬áback-burner for a while as we concentrate on refining what’s already there.

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