Color Me White

We finally got to the flipped castle in Symphony of the Night. It’s nice to play some old classics and see what they did right. (And wrong.) Meanwhile, we’ve been reworking a whole lot of animations for the game.


The main character was already altered once after the Ludum Dare demo, but the project lead felt like he still looked too scrawny. So, throw everything to the bin and try again. The earlier this sort of problems can be identified, the cheaper it is. Sometimes it just happens. You work closely with the project for months and one day realize that you need to give the game a new identity. If it pays off, it’s worth it.

As a startup, we’re trying get by with what we can get our hands on. One of the animators has a really low desk. We decided it would improve the work ergonomics if we just stuck one of the monitor boxes underneath the tablet. And it does help immensely.


Steam Greenlight is getting closer, but we’re not yet completely prepared for it, yet. This means we have to keep pushing certain deadlines further away. A lot of it comes down to the lack of experience, but some of it is due to the chaotic nature of the project. We feel good about the state of the game and the next one will surely go down more smoothly. For now, however, we’re just trying to create an awesome vertical slice.


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