Snowy November

The past week we’ve been planning for our Greenlight demo. We need new levels but don’t want to make it too big for multitude of reasons. With a smaller demo it’s easier to make it more focused and concentrate on things that work and things that need improvement. Still, the mechanics that go into the demo need to be polished enough. We¬†want the word of mouth to be positive.

Programming genius

New demo means new attacks, new enemies, and new levels. Mechanically a lot has been done already but tweaking everything to perfection is a time-consuming process. If there’s one thing we really want to nail, it’s the player controls. The attacks of the main character, Kumo, are our main focus. There’s not a lot of time, but we’ll do what we can.

Shroom Castle

The new levels depict a mushroom cavern filled with ruined castles and other structures. We are trying to make the levels more open and concentrate less on precision platforming. The game is about doing cool attack combos, not trying to execute tricky jumps to a tee.

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