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Archives for November 2016 | Super God - Dev Blog
Lessons From 20 Years Ago

Dracula is dead! Symphony of the Night can be challenging at times, but compared to something like Order of Ecclesia, it’s still pretty easy. You feel kinda cheap using the Shield Rod + Alucard Shield combo to defeat some of the harder bosses, though. What is so interesting about Symphony of the Night? Why is …

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Visuals to the Max

The idea with Kumo was always that he’d be wearing a long scarf that’s wrapped around his head and flows in the air current as he flies through the caverns. You know, like Rambo doing ribbon gymnastics. However, the problem with a visual element that’s this elaborate is that it’s not very high up on …

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Color Me White

We finally got to the flipped castle in Symphony of the Night. It’s nice to play some old classics and see what they did right. (And wrong.) Meanwhile, we’ve been reworking a whole lot of animations for the game. The main character was already altered once after the Ludum Dare demo, but the project lead …

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Small Update

The last week has been us grinding towards the end product. The game still has a lot of unfinished pieces that need to be put together. It is, however, important to occasionally play some old classics ┬áto see what has been done well in some highly valued titles. Everything is still very much unfinished. The …

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Snowy November

The past week we’ve been planning for our Greenlight demo. We need new levels but don’t want to make it too big for multitude of reasons. With a smaller demo it’s easier to make it more focused and concentrate on things that work and things that need improvement. Still, the mechanics that go into the …

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