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Archives for October 2016 | Super God - Dev Blog
Take The Time

  Time is always against us. As game developers we want to make great things for people to enjoy but how much time can great things take? Can we afford to go overtime if the difference in end product is like between night and day? The usual situation is that game designers have a metric ton …

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Keeping Motivation High at the Studio

  Oulu Game Day was a success. Not that it had any right to be given the amount of time we had to allocate to testing. We got lucky. There were a couple a game-breaking bugs, but fortunately they didn’t occur too often. The game did freeze a couple of times, which is worrisome, since …

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Preparation For Unforeseen Disasters

Next Friday we’re attending a local event called Oulu Game Day. Granted, Oulu isn’t a big city, but a change to get any feedback on our game is one that we don’t want to miss. You can always have people on the Internet tell you what’s good and what’s bad, but if you want to get …

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Scrum Masters of the Universe

New sprint is upon us and we’ve tried to slalom around painters and construction workers who are working hard to make the building look as pretty as humanly possible. In the meanwhile, we’ve been doing our own construction work, trying to get the level generation working properly. The autumn mornings might be getting cold, but …

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