Keeping a Game Studio on Course

Super God as a company is quite young but we’re already going through a good amount of changes. First off, we’ve recently switched our primary game concept from a relatively large platformer to a more manageable one. Secondly, we moved from our hand-crafted C++ engine to GameMaker: Studio. Finally, our programming department went through some drastic changes and the new people have been familiarizing themselves with the new software.

New developers require new hardware

Changes are stressful and that’s not a joke. Some people work well under stress but that hardly applies to everyone. If things are constantly changing it can signal to people that what they’re doing doesn’t matter. Now, it would appear that we have finally found a path that we can lock into and we’re feeling positive about our current project: Riptale.

Riptale Logo

While the programming department is still finding their feet with GameMaker, we also found people who can help us out with the graphics and the social media side of things. We do believe that we’re making a great product, which of course is essential no matter the field. People want to know what you’re doing and you want to tell them. This type of communication just eats up a lot of man-hours. A dedicated social media person can make all the difference.

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